On The Menu

Happy dance in my kitchen! Our ingredient and recipe delivery for the week arrived hence supper meals are all take care of. I breathe  a huge sigh of relief because due to unforeseen events, we didn’t receive delivery last week. I was out of my wits what to serve the boys!

Tonight we are having Saffron Risotto – one of our all time favorite dish and I am uber delighted to learn how to prepare it step by step. Hope to impress Hubby especially that it also includes veal bacon strips yummy!

Tomorrow we have a social worker visiting so I really must clean the house. It’s good we were able to buy guitar wall mount so the acoustic Hofner is no longer getting in the way and we were able to declutter a lot over the weekend. I leave now for I must see all laundry done are neatly folded and ironed and pack a few more toys and throw away old magazine issues.

Mommy life it is.

Healthy Lamb Pita Pizza

I spent lunch yesterday with two good friends. The impromptu meet up was due to anniversary talk and to compare notes on endurance of our marriage rings. It seems wedding bands platinum is a clear winner we quickly shifted to comparing recipes we tested lately. As shared on my Instagram, I recently made pizza using pita bread as base.

I admit I wasn’t too keen on trying thinking it’ll taste like biscuit base a for it is too thin! But Hubby previously read this way of pizza making is also highly recommended by celebrity Chef Silvena Rowe on her Friday Magazine column. Hence when DinnerTime Dubai sent us ingredients for pita pizza,there’s only one left thing to do and that’s to finally try it.

The result — best home style gourmet pizza. Ever.

Pita bread is a leaved flat bread popular in Mediterranean and Middle East cuisine. They often come complimentary – we love the ones baked by Taza – and especially awesome when warm and hot off the oven. However, once it has cooled down and with no hummus or moutabel in sight, it goes to waste. I am so happy I found another way to serve it – whether they are fresh or four days old. Moreover, it is very easy and very convenient you can get the kids to help get busy in the kitchen.

Here we used lamb sausages for toppings. Oh I cannot stress enough how our houseld love lamb! From mutton pulao to lamb roganjosh to lamb rack, name it and Hubby is happily grinning waiting for his portion. Give Little C lamb stew anytime and he is a happoy kid. But if you  cannot tolerate lamb, use pepperoni or salami or even anchovy. The pizza sauce is crushed tomatoes but I also frequently use tomato paste.

Healthy Lamb Pita Pizza
Makes 4 medium servings

4 pieces lamb sausages sliced thickly
5 pieces fresh button mushroom sliced
1 piece yellow bell pepper, diced
1/2 bunch spinach, sliced
your favorite dried herbs
100 grams crushed tomatoes
70 grams mozarella
4 pieces whole wheat pita breads
olive oil
garlic powder

Here’s How

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
2. Slice the lamb sausage thicky using kitchen scissors
3. Fry sausages in olive oil until cooked through. Remove from heat
4. Slice mushroom, bell pepper and spinach.
5. Arrange pita bread on a baking try in a way they do not touch.
6. Spread crushed tomatoes or tomato paste.
7. Add lamb and vegetables. Sprinkle with garlic powder, pepper, hen grate mozarella on top.
8. Sprinkle dried herbs and bake in the oven until browned and bubbly.
9. Slice and serve.

Happy cooking!

Thai Desserts

Naturally colorful and flavorsome, Thai desserts are among my weaknesses! Today I am planning to recreate Thaptim Krop or Crunchy Red Ruby (GlazedWater Chestnut in Coconut syrup). We were given ingredients to take home from our Thai cooking class last month at Movenpick JLT. I hope I will be successful as I am really excited for the boys to try. I will keep you updated, not to worry. =)

Thai people use natural herbs and plants to add colour to desserts such as red from rose petals, green from panda leaves, purple and bklue from Blue pea blossoms and yellow or orange from egg yolk. They are also full of sweet fragrance acquired from soaking jasmine in the water or smoking the dessert with ‘Thian op’  – Thai incensed candle used for cooking.

Below are some of my favorite Thai dessert: Khao Niao mamung (Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango) and Mango Sago.