Looking For Kitchen Holiday Decor Ideas

We’re hosting a Christmas dinner thus I officially start planning today. Number of guests are already determined so I need a little kitchen and dining make-over. Hubby wants a thorough check of the cupboard and order new hinge to replace the weak, and creaky ones. See too¬† if drawers are properly working. It will be just us, no helpers so guests will be able to help themselves at all times. We want to make sure everything they need and ask is there. They just have to open that cupboard on the left or pull the second drawer etc.

Fortunately, our to go website stock up on much needed concealed hinge and pull out wire shelf. I placed an order which should arrived in a week. Meanwhile we are off to IKEA for more kitchen and dining holiday decor ideas. Here is a lovely one we spotted in our previous visit:


Creme Caramel Craving

I had them for dessert two weeks ago at BubblOrange Friday brunch. I wish I didn’t stop at one slice for lately I crave for it every time I see the photo on my phone! It’s very easy to make but goodness this Momma is so very busy dessert whipping has no place in my schedule.

Anyway, I will be back for Burger Theme Night next week if my schedule allows. Shopping online for chauvet gobo zoom led 2.0 proves to be tricky! I am reading a lot of reviews it makes me dizzy deciding which one to buy for our Halloween party.

Orange Creme Caramel at must-try BubblOrange Friday Brunch

On The Menu

Happy dance in my kitchen! Our ingredient and recipe delivery for the week arrived hence supper meals are all take care of. I breathe¬† a huge sigh of relief because due to unforeseen events, we didn’t receive delivery last week. I was out of my wits what to serve the boys!

Tonight we are having Saffron Risotto – one of our all time favorite dish and I am uber delighted to learn how to prepare it step by step. Hope to impress Hubby especially that it also includes veal bacon strips yummy!

Tomorrow we have a social worker visiting so I really must clean the house. It’s good we were able to buy guitar wall mount so the acoustic Hofner is no longer getting in the way and we were able to declutter a lot over the weekend. I leave now for I must see all laundry done are neatly folded and ironed and pack a few more toys and throw away old magazine issues.

Mommy life it is.