Garage Make-over on Process

Fall is a great time to work on some DIY stuff at home! I recently started a garage make-over to make way for my son’s indoor basketball hoop. While browsing on some ideas for storage, a motorized overhead ceiling storage seems very tempting! Think of all the bicycles out of the way – we have three! Plus a scooter and a 150cc motorcycleI swear I lost count how many times I tripped on them aaargh.  Not mentioning the numerous bulky plastic storage to accommodate seasonal decors  such as Christmas ornaments and our winter warmers.

When I showed Hubby the idea, he was very supportive fortunately to buy Buy Storage Racks and Displays at CozyWinters. Now he reckons he can go ahead and buy the chain saw and circular saw he so wanted for we finally found a space to accommodate them.

Take a look at what we ordered and it’s only for $199! Think 125lbs out of the way and making space for many fun basketball match in our garage!


Craving For Coconut Macaroons

And because we are so far up in the mountains, there is no choice but to bake my own. I am currently looking for easy to follow recipe. I have all the ingredients but am looking for one listing a healthy amount of butter and condensed milk.

Oh this will also be a perfect gift  for a housewarming party we will attend by mid-week. Our other neighbors are looking at cost of dj equipment to divide the expenses among themselves for present but I think I shall opt for a more traditional way.

The butter macaroons that started it all…. a little tweaking for presentation and makes for a perfect gift!



Looking For Kitchen Holiday Decor Ideas

We’re hosting a Christmas dinner thus I officially start planning today. Number of guests are already determined so I need a little kitchen and dining make-over. Hubby wants a thorough check of the cupboard and order new hinge to replace the weak, and creaky ones. See too  if drawers are properly working. It will be just us, no helpers so guests will be able to help themselves at all times. We want to make sure everything they need and ask is there. They just have to open that cupboard on the left or pull the second drawer etc.

Fortunately, our to go website stock up on much needed concealed hinge and pull out wire shelf. I placed an order which should arrived in a week. Meanwhile we are off to IKEA for more kitchen and dining holiday decor ideas. Here is a lovely one we spotted in our previous visit: