Pistachios by the Firepit

Three days on and we are still experiencing April showers. The temperature dropped unexpectedly to everyone’s relief! I am happy too I am finally done with my online shopping. Hubby asked me to look for audio technica condenser mic as gift to a family friend who got recently promoted as general in the Philippine Army. As you know, we Filipinos love singing, karaoke, and home entertaining and what better better way to gift than a stylish mic?

Anyway, afternoon was spent cozily by the firepit. While waiting for the sweet potatoes to roast, we nibbled on salted pistachios. Oh the perks of a retired life! Comfortable, simple, and together as a family.

It’s Cupcake O’clock


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Off The Bucket List! A Taste of Python

We foodies also have our bucket list noh. And a sampling of world’s most exotic cuisine sure tops most of our list. Today I happily share with you I ticked off one. While the rest of  my country is listening to politicians’ campaign jingle blasting loudly with the help of line 6 spider , the family and I had dinner of adobong sawa — translates to python marinated in soy sauce, garlic, pepper, and vinegar.

And it tastes good! Like a first class fish, tuna mahimahi comes to mind. They didn’t removed the skin but it is chewy so I devoured all of my share. I like it better than monitor lizard but it doesn’t mean I am going to have another sampling on the next instance we will be served. Once is enough teehee.

How about you, what exotic cuisine have you sampled lately?