Chocolate Shopping

We met Hubby yesterday late afternoon at the nearby shopping complex. He needed to visit the optical shop for an upgrade to his progressive glasses. Long hours at the computer and driving 200km everyday is doing a real harm to his eyesight. Sigh. I wish and pray things will change for the better soon. 

Anyway, we decided that after his appointment, we will have supper at the food court. While waiting for him, I let the little boy have fun at the indoor play area. Then Hubby called me if I have smaller bills because the shop ran out of change. I went to the nearest shop and bought these sweet little boxes to get hundred bills for my 1k.

Although we are not fond of eating chocolates, I could not go further than the sweet shop because the little boy’s time at the play area was also about to finish. I figured as well that, it is almost spring break and neighbors kids will be dropping by every now and then so at least we have a little treat to give them.

Sweet treat for the visiting kids! Merci, Ferrero, Vouchelle, and Lindt.

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  1. Fererro Rocher!! my weakness <3

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