Farewell Dinner Party

One of Hubby’s closest friends is moving to Canada next month. To show appreciation, we gathered at an intimate farewell dinner in one of the nearby business hotels.

The elegant private room set before guests arrived.

I’m glad I dropped by at Soda Box first before coming. Dinner took to a slow start as all the gentlemen were more interested in discussing the honored person’s new work in steel building Canada . Though my Husband works in precast concrete, he is also very much interested to learn the steel industry especially on the parts where you can make your own customised garage or storage area.  With a glass shot of Jim Beam, he leaned and listened intently totally oblivious to the Mediterranean buffet.

There were four wives present and it wasn’t until one of us bravely clunked her champagne flute that the gentlemen took notice of us – ravenous.

A sneak peek of the salad bar.


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