Little Man’s Morning Walk

I took the photo last month, a week after we moved in the Discovery Gardens.

Orange flowers in the courtyard.

Destination, sand play area.

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6 responses to “Little Man’s Morning Walk

  1. Such a cutie, he enjoyed walking a lot mine is up and its here My Little Home

  2. wow! thats nice! cool orange flower!

  3. lovely orange flowers. the boy sure had a lot of fun playing. he even took off his sandals hehehe..cute

    here for OT:

  4. He is so cute!

    Late bloghopping for OT, I am literally OT lol. Hope you can drop by and see my Orange.

    Also wants to invite/remind you to join Nostalgia today. Hope you can join the fun!

  5. he looks so cute walking with his hat on

    Check out my entry here too, have a great weekend!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  6. love the alone ang drama ng baby..cute!Thanks for joining Orange Tuesdays!. hope you can join again this Tuesday sis..

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