Outdoor Picnic Tips

One of the best things about summer is we get to enjoy longer day time. The sunshine until late in the evenings always  tempt our family to dine outdoors. Whether it is just me and hubby sharing wine and Stilton cheese or with Little C enjoying roasting marshmallows, dining on outdoor picnic tables provides a much needed break from our weekday routine.

Today I will share with you some tips on how to throw picnic as stress-free as possible.

1. Keep the menu simple. Unless you will be spending the whole day outdoors and you have extra help, then by all means bring the grill and barbecue to your hearts content. But if it’s just the two  or three of you, run to the nearest deli for some potato salad and panini.

2. Choose your time and spot. Morning or lunch or our favorite, a sunset picnic. This will make it easier for you to decide on picnic menu.

3. Lighten your load and opt for disposable plates, cups, spoon, and fork. Balance this with an eye catching centerpiece such as a beautiful dessert. Decorate  outdoor picnic tables with checked table cloth and fresh flowers. Finish it off with candles.

4. Don’t forget the wine. You maybe dining with plastic spoon and fork but do go all out with after meal drinks. Bring vintage goblet and a good bottle of bubbly.

5. Bring trash bag and don’t forget to clean up afterwards. This way, your picnic spot remains inviting all through the years.

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