Some Grill & Skewer Ideas

Spring is coming fast and with the blissful weather, we received two barbecue party invitations scheduled next week and early next month. Naturally, my boys are excited at the prospect of cooking outdoors. We were at the hardware store earlier today checking styles of chrome step stools for kitchen use and Hubby cannot hide his excitement at the thought of beer and barbecue with his friends. He listed out loud the unusual barbecue recipes they will grill. I had to carefully point out I need a step stool first to reach for the ingredients at the cupboard for his barbecue marinade. Smiling sheepishly, we continued shopping.

For those looking for, shall I say creative grill recipes, here are some you might want to try.

1. It can’t be all meat but you also need to throw veggies on the coal. Try sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and aubergines. Cut sweet potatoes and pumpkins to no more than 1 com thick. Marinate in oil, maple syrup, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Grill slowly and allow them to cook through properly.

2. For aubergines, slice thinly, grill with oil and lemon juice. Roll around pieces of sharp cheese (like goat’s) with plenty of fresh herbs.

3. For main dish, marinate tuna in soy sauce and apple juice overnight. It’ll be very dark and sticky. Grill in medium flame quickly or thoroughly. serve with fresh tomatoes and cucumber.

4. For dessert, get some fresh pineapple, slice in thick rings, dust with maple syrup then cook over the grill. Serve with yoghurt ice cream.

Happy grilling!

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  1. i love grilled chicken and seafood on skewers!

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